viernes, 4 de septiembre de 2009

Variant - The Setting Sun

Variant - The Setting Sun
Genre : Electronica
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1. The Setting Sun (23:13)
2. FallingStars (51:58)
3. As Time Stood Still... (11:25)


Steve Hitchell delivers a serious treat for his legion of devoted followers with the next logical step in the Echospace saga leading to this digital only release exploring sublime ambient electronics in a textured, analog style. As Variant, Hitchell delves into his most expansive and inspiring palette with three expansive tracks ranging from eleven minutes up to forty four minutes plus, sketched onto his canvas with a widescreen scope and an emotionally affected cinematic intent that makes this a deeply engrossing listen. Made for an obviously specific time and place, 'The Setting Sun' sees a marked shift in Hitchell's work, sounding more like Oren Ambarchi or Keith Fullerton Whitman than any of the more familiar names his work has been associated with in the past. Incorporating resonant pianos, hazily thrummed guitars and swelling organs with rippling waves of curling analog distortion this is surely one of the most outstanding pieces in his catalogue, if it wasn't for the epic 'Falling Stars' which succeeds it. Clocking in at forty four minutes, we head into deep reverberating territory with a slow building vista of frayed synth swells and wistfully drifting atmospherics reminiscent of Klaus Schulze, or classic Global Communications with equally effective inclinations. Which brings us to the album's parting 11 minute elegy, 'As Time Stood Still', where the inertia of the first two tracks is gently shaken off with a deeply padded flow of ebbing atmospherics, lapping every intangible surface of the womb-like subbass-bubble that Hitchell creates with a concoction of vintage analog hardware and reel-to-reel recording techniques. This is a hugely involving listen that will appeal to followers Tim Hecker AND Basic Channel, or Vladislav Delay AND Oren Ambarchi. Huge Recommendation = Essential Purchase.

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