miércoles, 31 de diciembre de 2008

Dakota Suite - The End Of Trying
Genre : Folk, Experimental, Acustica

1. one day without harming you
2. this failing sea
3. hands swollen with grace
4. a quietly gathering tragedy
5. all the love I had was not enough
6. very early one morning on old road
7. the end of trying part I
8. the end of trying part II
9. the end of trying part III
10. the end of trying part IV
11. een langzaam lekkende wond
12. the night keeps coming in
13. how could you let me go
14. second hand light
15. things we lost along the way
16. z-cars

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Emeralds - Solar Bridge EP

Genre : Electronica , Ambient, Experimental, Drone, Noise

1 Magic
2 The Quaking Mess

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Wixel - Somewhere Between The Sun and The Moon
Genre : Electronica , Ambient, Experimental, Acustica

1. Fatigas Del Querer
2. Outside your Locked Heart
3. (vaarwel)
4. You’ll Be a Warming Wind from a Distant Sun
5. Nowhere
6. Burned and Blind
7. I’m Barefoot on the Surface of the Sun
8. Moon
9. On my Way to the Moon
10. Off You Go, Like A Setting Sun

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martes, 30 de diciembre de 2008

Klimt - Jesienne Odcienie Melancholii
Genre : Electronica , Ambient, Experimental

1. Dom Bez Scian
2. Heaven
3. Spowiedz Syren
4. Donikad
5. Ennui
6. Hapinessless
7. Kod Marzen (Caly Utwor)
8. Male Skrzydla
9. Oceany

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The Abbasi Brothers - Something Like Nostalgia
Genre : Electronica , Ambient, Experimental

1. Stacey's day Parade
2. kompa
3. Something Like Nostalgia
4. Camera Flashes Blue
5. The Way of The Wanderer
6. Dream of a Fraffiti Artist
7. The social Evening (in 1992)
8. Mr Boe
9. a Long Weekend
10. In a field
11. Playtime in Spacetime
12. Approaching the End
13. Fragments of Memories as a Child
14. Reprise
15. Clouds are Sleeping

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My Little Airport - Zoo Is Sad, People Are Cruel
Genre : Electronica, Pop, Indie

1. Edward, Had You Ever Thought That The End Of The World Would Come On 20.9.01?
2. The Ok Thing To Do On Sunday Afternoon Is To Toddle In The Zoo
3. Gigi Leung Is Dead
4. Victor, Fly Me To Stafford
5. Leo, Are You Still Jumping Out Of Windows In Expensive Clothes?
6. I Don’t Know How To Download Good Av Like Iris Does
7. You Smile Like A Blossom
8. Josephine's Shop
9. When I Listen To The Field Mice
10. Mountaintop, Doll, Lollypop
11. My Little Banana
12. Because I Was Too Nervous At That Time
13. You Don't Wanna Be My Girlfriend, Phoebe
14. Dee, It May All End Tomorrow

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