martes, 29 de septiembre de 2009

Fatih Tuter – Wide and Shallow

Fatih Tuter – Wide and Shallow
Genre : Ambient, Electronica, Experimental
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1 Untitled #1 (9:06)
2 Untitled #2 (7:04)
3 Untitled #3 (9:29)
4 Untitled #4 (10:30)
5 Untitled #5 (8:41)
6 Untitled #6 (4:20)
7 Untitled #7 (8:32)


A debut album that blends ambient, dub, and minimal techno seamlessly. Reminds me of early Yagya material blended with Fluxion. As soothing as a waterfall the hiss and ambient static are the backdrop to muted beats, echoing chords, and metallic strokes of electronic bliss. The majority of the tracks are substantial in length, clocking in on an average of 9 minutes. Easy to get LOST into these lush cuts. Wide & Shallow by Fatih Tuter should not be overlooked, and I look forward to the next release.

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