viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2009

Access To Arasaka – Oppidan

Access To Arasaka – Oppidan

Genre : Electronica, IDM,
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01 Nypox 03:56
02 Medway 03:43
03 Monoscan 04:23
04 Ruin 02:35
05 Caeropore 04:29
06 First Kill (Feat. Beau Jestice) 06:14
07 Montcalm 01:46
08 Parisville 05:03
09 Jody 04:58
10 Recon (Feat. ESA) 04:51
11 Delicate Annihilation 03:15
12 Chem 04:33
13 Sylvan-Hesh 05:06
14 Transcendence 04:00
15 She 03:36
16 Waiting War 04:37
17 Aftermath 03:19


The long-awaited and highly-anticipated debut CD from New York’s amazing young new talent Access To Arasaka has finally arrived. With a steady momentum of buzz from fans and critics over the past year, remix collaborations with Zentriert ins Antlitz, Aphorism, and Totakeke, and more-than-well-received compilation appearances for the Hymen Records and Tympanik Audio labels, Access To Arasaka now offers the true scope of his capabilities with his innovative new album ‘Oppidan‘.

A futuristic journey of a cerebral nature, demonstrating a virtual equinox of expert beatwork and densely-layered atmospheric explorations, ‘Oppidan‘ transcends complexity and innovation in electronic music and seems to arrive at the very edge of its own inner space. Dark and cinematic and fascinating to no end, ‘Oppidan‘ is truly full of life and genuine mystic, opening the imagination of the listener into epic new dimensions at the hands of a true master of modern electronic composition.

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  1. gracias por lo nuevo de Access to Arasaka!! tratare de comprarlo!! muy buen sitio este!!