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Alva Noto - For 2

Alva Noto - For 2
Genre : Electronic, Experimental, Minimal




viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

Pjusk - sval

Pjusk - sval
Genre : Ambient, Electronic


01 Valldal
02 Sus
03 Juv
04 Byge
05 Demring
06 Skygge
07 Dis
08 Skumring
09 Glimt
10 Vidde
11 Skodde
12 Dunkel


Pjusk is Rune Sagevik and Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik from the west coast of Norway – both from small villages close to nature. The sound of Pjusk is inspired by the harsh Norwegian weather and wild landscape. At the center point of the collaboration between the two is an old cabin high up in the mountains. This is where most of the music of Pjusk is made – framed by snowy peaks and the sound of cold streams.

Sval is the second full-length release by Pjusk. Their debut album, Sart (12k1042, 2007), came as a very welcome surprise to listeners and was heralded in the press as an incredibly strong, deep, and mature album for a debut artist. Boomkat (UK) called it “an album which truly stands out, and will no doubt incite the sound of jaws dropping for the rest of the year.” While Sart explored a number of the different paths that Pjusk takes – from deep ambient, to near-IDM rhythmics and back to guitar-twinged experimentations – Sval is an absolutely focused album that sees Pjusk settle into the style they are most comfortable creating: lush, wet, textured ambience. Restrained and warm, and keeping the barren Norwegian landscape close to heart, Pjusk has quite effectively drawn the connection between the warmly lit cabin in the mountains and the polar environs right outside their door.

Deep, deep textures that stretch the horizon, beautiful wisps of ghostly vocals, and murky percolating beats that seem trapped beneath thick layers of ice – Pjusk have stripped away any excesses from Sart and delivered a wonderfully singular vision with Sval.

miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

Ruxpin - I Wonder if This is the Place

Ruxpin - I Wonder if This is the Place
Genre : Ambient, Electronic


01 Ruxpin - Warmhearted Introduction
02 Ruxpin - Where The Wild Things Are (Leon Somov Remix)
03 Ruxpin - Where The Wild Things Are (Murya Remix I)
04 Ruxpin - Where The Wild Things Are (Murya Remix II)
05 Ruxpin - Come And Join Us
06 Ruxpin - Call Me When You Get There
07 Ruxpin - Her Body Smells of Cinnamon (Galaktlan Remix)
08 Ruxpin - Where The Wild Things Are (Aris Remix)
09 Ruxpin - I Noticed You Hoovering Above Me (Ruxpin Remix)
10 Ruxpin - Her Body Smells Of Cinnamon (a remix by IJO)
11 Ruxpin - Those Angel Wings Look Comfortable (Worm Is Green Remix)
12 Ruxpin - Kiruna
13 Ruxpin - Her Body Smells of Cinnamon (Biogen Remix)


nother rele

martes, 16 de marzo de 2010

Cylon - Against A Backdrop Of Blue Hills, They Were As Beautiful As A Lullaby

Cylon - Against A Backdrop Of Blue Hills, They Were As Beautiful As A Lullaby
Genre : Ambient, Electronic, Drone

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01 Blue Hills
02 A Wave In My Backyard
03 As I Felt Asleep
04 21.20
05 Drifting Into Daydreams
06 Fjord
07 Untitled II (For Tape)
08 Departure
09 Untitled V (For Tape)
10 19.07
11 The Last Days Drove Off


Another release?! Yes, my archive is filled to the brim with finished songs and projects: I might as well release some of them.

I've always had a thing for tapes, and during the last couple of years I've frequently recorded small ambient/drone pieces using tapes as the main recording media. By now I've gathered a pretty substantial amount of "tape-drone-tracks", so I thought I'd release some of them (for your possible pleasure). Eerie, noisey, melancholic and uplifting! Everything and nothing at the same time.

This "album" was not in any way meant to be a fully fleshed out project, but it turned out remarkably coherent. Initially, it lasted around 4 hours, so i've had to cut out some tracks. These 11 pieces are the ones I felt fitted well together. Take a listen. You might like it - in that case, great! If not, well, be glad you didn't waste any money on it. Should you like it, please spread the word.

Near The Parenthesis - Music For The Forest Concourse

Near The Parenthesis - Music For The Forest Concourse
Genre : Ambient, Electronic

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01 Good Evening
02 Lambent Traces Of The Day
03 Settle In
04 Pollarding Trees
05 Not Here, Not Tonight
06 Within An Orbit
07 Inertia (Stay Right Here)
08 Diffused
09 Low Horizon
10 Designing This Building
11 Pull Yourself Together
12 Good Night


Near the Parenthesis returns with "Music for the Forrest Concourse". Tim Arndt's fourth album for n5MD. Perhaps becoming a theme, Arndt again uses the concept of place as the muse for an album. An approach adopted with 2008's "L'Eixample" where Barcelona served as the inspiration. Time, however, is the inspiration for the current release and as a result Music for the Forrest Concourse is more imaginary. Arndt wrote this collection of music 'for dusk, for open air, for sitting down, and for breathing in. It is music for staring upwards and listening attentively or casually.' However you choose to listen Music for the Forrest Concourse will provide many rewards.

domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

The Seven Fields of Aphelion - Periphery

The Seven Fields of Aphelion - Periphery

Genre : Ambient, Electronic

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01 – Slow Subtraction
02 – Grown
03 – Pale Prophecy
04 – Wildflower Wood
05 – Cloud Forest (The Little Owl)
06 – Mountain Mary
07 – Saturation : Arrhythmia
08 – Fever Sleep
09 – Lake Feet
10 – Sunburst Chemicals
11 – Michigan Icarus
12 – Starlight Aquatic


The Seven Fields of Aphelion may be a member of Black Moth Super Rainbow, but with her debut solo outing Periphery, she’s left the tweaked dance floor glitches in the black forest, and wandered into a hazy sun-dappled meadow. Swirling vintage synthesizers and piano dwell amongst the grasses, flowers and ruins of abandoned factories in this forgotten place.

Over twelve tracks, Periphery acts as a travelogue through otherworldly, yet somehow soothingly familiar sonic landscapes. Synth layers grow slowly and organically into swells of pulsating and palpable tone while piano lines effortlessly dart their way in and out of the mire, like a group of pilot fish fearlessly zipping around a Great White.

There is a very real and warm emotion in the music of Seven Fields. The albumplays like a shoebox of curling yellowed photographs, lost in an attic somewhere that has only recently been unburied and rediscovered, giving faded-color evidence to half-recalled memories. Its fragile, ambient soundscapes of piano and synthesizer reflect glimmers of forgotten feelings with each gentle inflection and shift in tone. Each of these wordless tales is an exercise in trying to bring back the stories behind those frozen-still images that were captured in front of the Super 8’s and Polaroids of lost times. Similarly, the album’s artwork, featuring multiple exposure photography from The Seven Fields of Aphelion, conjures up old thoughts and dusty emotions through a carefully applied lens.

viernes, 12 de marzo de 2010

Offthesky - Hiding Nature

Offthesky - Hiding Nature
Genre : Ambient, Experimental, Electronic

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01. birds eye view
02. kind of brittle
03. frozen fountain
04. rest but not least
05. hand held lightly
06. light like
07. clockwort
08. fear of flora
09. little subtle secret


Offthesky is the alias of American sound sculptor and visual artist, Jason Corder. You may have previously encountered Corder's work on labels like Archipel, Zymogen, 12k's digital wing, term., and even The Remote Viewer's Mobeer, with his work as part of the duo Color Cassette. Hiding Nature is surely Boder's highest profile release to date, and it's a significant entry onto Home Normal's impressive catalogue. Label boss Ian Hawgood describes Corder as "pretty much my favourite artist", and on the strength of this album there's certainly a lot to recommend his work. Corder taps into the sort of idiom already established by the likes of Taylor Deupree and the likes, processing fragments of everyday sound, chiming vibraphones and tiny guitar tones. The blend of timbres is always delicate, yet you seldom hear anything that's stretched out into misted over drone - there's always plenty of texture readily audible over the course of this record, and not being overly precious or academic about his craft, Corder isn't shy when it comes to shaping melodies, or even applying vocals to his music when he deems it appropriate. 'Frozen Fountain' embraces wordless falsetto singing (a little like the sort of thing Arve Henriksen comes out with) while various noises all combine in a harmonious tangle. At every new moment there seems to be something beautiful to turn your ear towards: you'll hear 'Clockwort's superb concrète merging of percussive processing and glitchy rhythms; the more conventional electronic tonal warmth of 'Hand Held Lightly' and 'Fear Of Flora's fractured, hiss-soaked jumble. Another very fine release from the Home Normal stable.

domingo, 7 de marzo de 2010

Anduin Abandoned In Sleep

Anduin - Abandoned In Sleep
Genre : Ambient, Electronica,

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01.The Equal Of God 04:54
02.Contents Of A Black Box 04:36
03.Our Future Is A Debt 05:24
04.Hands Behind A Curtain 02:20
05.Autumn Looming 03:38
06.Octagonal Forms 03:08
07.Lovers In Transit 04:52
08.A Light In The Darkness 05:15
09.Labyrinthian Void 04:26
10.Into Abandon 02:32
11.Untitled 05:04
12.Filed Away 03:04
13.Black River (Live) 08:31


For his second album Jonathan Lee draws on two years of recording and performance - and it's not just his own material that's used for the record either. 'Abandoned In Sleep' features studio recordings, sample edits and collaborative work with artists including Xela, Jasper TX, Svarte Greiner, Stephen Vitiello and Gareth Davis among others. This album is all about dark, nocturnal ambience and combines a variety of half-dreamed soundscapes together for every track: Xela's falsetto murmurings clash with deep synth swells and scratchy, rhythmically organised field recordings on 'The Equal Of God', before distant footsteps and what sounds like a Doppler effected harmonica drape 'Contents Of A Black Box' in a kind of doomy, sub-bass buffeted blues feel. Chugging drones and low frequency bowed strings arise on 'Our Future Is A Debt', lacing the soundscape with rattling sonic detritus. Rumbling and layered bass exercises tend to be at the heart of this record, and there's none more haunting than 'Autumn Looming', an album highlight that plays to Anduin's greatest strengths - jostling rhythmic loops made from interrupted electronics and clattering incidental sounds merging into a sludgy dark ambience that punds irregularly with thunderous bass drum hits, making for one of the most sonically rich entries on the album. More haunting still is the Dag Rosenqvist-aided 'Labyrinthian Void', an all-encompassing turbine hum of low-end presence mixed in with shoots of distortion and squeaky door hinges. The CD edition comes with a further two bonus cuts: 'Filed Away' (an installation for Manchester's Startrunning) and 'Black River', a live performance with Svarte Greiner that closes the album with an immense nightmarish exchange of tones - like ships' horns sounding off through fog. A quietly epic, dense and harrowing sonic experience - do not miss.

Melorman - Out in a Field

Color del textoMelorman - Out in a Field
Genre : Ambient, Electronic,

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1. Apricot fields
2. 5 o’clock spring time
3. Hold us
4. Small arms to hold
5. Sunlight noise
6. Toy
7. Silent breath
8. Watercircle
9. Theros
10. Tell me more stories


Melorman is the moniker of Antonis Haniotakis an electronic artist born in Athens,Greece. He has contributed with tracks in Music Labels such as Symbolic Interaction,Archaic Horizon,Summer Rain Recordings,Shima Records, IVDT ,CCT Records,Sixteensteps and Envizagae

His sound is based on melodic elements and coloured loop lines with a tone of melancholy.The melodies are aerial and fluffy changing as frequently as it can get.

jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

Boy Is Fiction - Broadcasts In Colour

Boy Is Fiction - Broadcasts In Colour
Genre : Ambient, Electronic


01. Boy Is Fiction - In (02:27)
02. Boy Is Fiction - As Far From Here As Possible (06:19)
03. Boy Is Fiction - Feeling Lazy (04:26)
04. Boy Is Fiction - Pinprick (02:52)
05. Boy Is Fiction - Silo (03:59)
06. Boy Is Fiction - Sand (06:12)
07. Boy Is Fiction - Rat (04:49)
08. Boy Is Fiction - I Close My Eyes (05:00)
09. Boy Is Fiction - Either Way, I'm Dead (04:28)
10. Boy Is Fiction - Your Name On My Skin (03:46)
11. Boy Is Fiction - I Left You There (04:49)
12. Boy Is Fiction - My Veins Are Blocked (06:45)
13. Boy Is Fiction - Until Morning Comes (04:51)
14. Boy Is Fiction - For My Friend (05:06)


Australian artist Alex Gillett claims that his music "captures those quiet moments of introspection just before sleep". Not that this record by Boy Is Fiction will make anyone sleep by any means. It's certainly pitched at the quiet/ambient end of the electronic spectrum but it's also a record which explores the deepest of emotions.
Beginning in typically subdued fashion, the piano underscoring 'Why Did You Do That' is elegant and moving; a track which becomes more meaningful as it's repeated melody and persuasive melancholia gradually lodges itself into the brain. The piano proves to be the consistent thread in most of the tracks. For 'I'll Look For You' the rainy day misery is countered by punchy beats, the beats are clipped for 'Stack Is Bad' and although it takes a full two minutes for the piano to make its entrance, when it does there's a perfect combination of keys and digital technology. This track in turn segues into the welcoming warmth of 'Should Have Stopped'; it's a moment which evokes the jazz/post rock atmospheres of Bark Psychosis. After this the effects become more distorted but still retain an aura of night time drama. Much like fellow exponents Labradford, Boy Is Fiction is capable of making soulful music from entirely instrumental origins. ~ Leonards Lair

Maps and Diagrams - The giant woods

Maps and Diagrams - The giant woods
Genre : Ambient, Electronic

1. Duplicate
2. Eleemosyn
3. Gauche
4. Last Train Home
5. Navel
6. Savannakhet
7. Shuffel
8. Spirals
9. The World And You


It started out as a 4 track EP-isode and has finally grown into a fully-fledged album.
Maps And Diagrams' latest strike on classical electronica is also his first release on Yuki Yaki, which marks a little beatless respite after a number of more rhythmic outputs recently. Warmly droning ambient-textures with plenty of endless space echo, like in the good old days, dominate the album.
Melancholy, contemplation and calm prevail - nicely wrapped in mysteriously shining soundscapes with a kiss of lo-fi noise. "The Giant Woods" seems to be rather predestined for the dark Winter days to come.