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Talvihorros - Some Ambulance

Talvihorros - Some Ambulance
Genre : Ambient, Electronica, Experimental
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01. Handwriting (Part I)
02. Etude IV
03. The Blue Cathedral
04. Death of a Dream
05. Etude III
06. Hope_Again_Sleep
07. A Rural Place
08. Handwriting (Part II)


London-based Ben Chatwin follows up last year's Talvihorros debut album It's Already on Fire with with an installment in Benbecula's Mineral Series, Some Ambulance. The forty-one-minute collection presents a further refinement of Talvihorros' electro-acoustic style, and sounds like an altogether more accomplished release on compositional grounds by comparison. Acoustic, electric and prepared guitars act as the nucleus in the eight tracks, which in their final form are hardly what could be labeled simply “guitar” pieces. Rather, Chatwin augments their natural and treated sounds with organ, piano, banjo, analogue synthesizer, percussion, and electronic manipulations in such a way that, though guitar may occupy the center, the resultant sound is full and rich. It's also emotive, with most of the tracks opting for a melancholic spirit that is cumulatively powerful. The album boasts a handful of beautiful meditations, with “Hope / Again / Sleep” one of the most affecting. In its multi-layered mix of guitars and keyboards, the piece exudes—strange as it may sound—an almost Hergest Ridge-like quality. In the hypnotic opener, “Handwriting (Part I),” blurry fields of gauzy textures gradually swell into a wave-like slab. What starts out in “Etude III” as a peaceful setting for acoustic guitar, organ, and glockenspiel gradually gains force without sacrificing its dream-like ambiance. In “Etude IV,” soft carousel melodies sing a lonely song over a lilting funereal rhythm, while tremolo guitars dominate during the mournful waltz “Death of a Dream.” Sunnier in spirit, “The Blue Cathedral” parts company with the others in having a bright, celeste-like melody inaugurate the song's slow and steady advance. Though the tracks complement one another, each ultimately feels like a different chapter in Chatwin's wide-ranging and engrossing novel. Textura

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