miércoles, 23 de septiembre de 2009

Khonnor - Softbo

Khonnor - Softbo
Genre : Electrocoustic, Electronica, Ambient
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1. Nibble-O
2. Pea Mag Gourmet
3. Kite Tits
4. Calico Dong Veil
5. An Ode To Gary Giggles
6. Infirmary 2
7. Huffin' Hollow


Type Records alumnus Khonnor makes an appearance on Moodgadget with a selection of new tracks charting a direction that's ostensibly far removed from the introspective sketches that populated his celebrated Handwriting LP. 'Nibble-O' immediately takes you by surprise, tapping into a melodic breakcore mode that's got as much to do with Drukqs-era Aphex Twin as it does the desolate melodicism of those early Khonnor recordings. Likewise, 'Kite Tits' makes steps towards that classic Rephlex Braindance sound, though Khonnor's production is never quite so straight-forward as that, and a homespun unpredictability creeps into the mix just when you think you've got the measure of it. Elsewhere the songwriting elements are more prevalent, though they do tend to be buried in short-form scribbles like the quietly rather wonderful 'Calico Dong Veil' and the detuned, thinned out digital gauze of 'An Ode To Gary Giggles'. Although the material is characteristically wayward, erratic and difficult to pin down, somehow when digested as a whole this EP actually makes a lot of sense.

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