lunes, 21 de septiembre de 2009

Kettel - Myam James Pt. 2

Kettel - Myam James Pt. 2

Genre : Electronica, IDM, Ambient
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01 Kingscourt Imp (05:27)
02 Shinjuku Inn (03:10)
03 Michael Space Airlines (04:00)
04 Cherie (02:01)
05 Pers Patrys (03:38)
06 Boekebaas (04:29)
07 You Understand This Night? (02:37)
08 Nicola (04:13)
09 Sentiment (03:49)
10 Song From Toverpeeks (02:40)
11 Begging For A Herring (04:00)
12 Hymnuh (01:26)
13 Verkens In Londen (04:39)
14 Sauce (01:24)
15 Song From 4pm Herring (03:14)
16 Kitana (05:16)
17 Memory Steps (04:57)
18 Fish Creek (06:01)


"Good things come in two, right?" - It was our philosophy when we launched Kettel’s (aka Reimer Eising) Myam James album series a year ago. Today we are sure that our philosophy has become true. We present the astonishing sequel and final part of the series: Myam James 2!

The first part of the Myam James series was the ultimate score for one of Kettel's specialties: melodic 303/acid madness, poured over with melancholia. We consider it as a milestone in Kettel's electronic affairs. Myam James 1 is a specialization course; one that you may love, hate or feel indifferent about. Either way, it set an expectation for the second part.

Myam James 2 is a far cry from the first part. MJ2 is mournful, intriguing and it unfolds musical sides of Kettel that many of us could only have dreamed of. Some of you will compare MJ2 with the few movies that became a bigger success than their prequels. Another analogy with motion pictures is that a number of tracks from MJ2 could directly be taken from a cinematographic score.

But it's just one side of MJ2; songs in the vein of previous Kettel albums My Dogan slash Volleyed Iron plus Whisper Me Wishes make their appearance - the collab with cellist Sietse-Jan Weijenberg in "Pers Partys" is a pure bliss. The tracks "Verkens in Londen", "Kingscourt Imp" and "Boekebaas" evolve from MJ1 and nuance the album's desolate soul. Myam James 2 echoes Kettel's broad fan base with an even broader palette of tastes. This album serves them all without making any sacrifices.

Last but not least, we are grateful to Jeroen Advocaat who did a cracking job matching the art to the mood of the album. We couldn't have thought of a better way to celebrate the landmark of Sending Orbs' tenth release.

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