viernes, 18 de diciembre de 2009

VA - Hibernate Sampler Vol. 1

VA - Hibernate Sampler Vol. 1

Genre : Electronica, Ambient,

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1) Porzellan - Rosen (11:21)
2) Ian Hawgood - The Marbled World (5:28)
3) Lexithimie - Scale 1 (4:56)
4) Hakobune - Late Spring (14:33)
5) Storm Noir - Cicada Queen (4:56)
6) Simon James French - Misery (4:28)
7) Tom White - Moredon Cooling Towers (4:20)
8) Northerner - The End OF December (6:03)
9) Chihei Hatakeyama - Gray Hued Sky (4:44)


martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Celer - In Escaping Lakes

Celer - In Escaping Lakes
Genre : Electronica, Ambient,

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1.A Less Distinguished Tributary
3.Mentioned Fumes
4.The Light Obtainable In Spaces We Share
5.Extending and Directly Below
6.Inoffensive Sets of Misdirection
7.Calculated Din
8.Wetness Is Close To Likeness
9.Horizontal Reflections
11.A Buoyant Object, That Rests and Moves In Such A Way
12.When Recounting Futures, Don’t Fail To Mention Me


It's becoming increasingly difficult to write about Celer's music. The duo's output has been coming our way at a steady rate in recent months and their music seems to be converging on the extremes of ambient fragility. Far away from the more usual drone recordings that come our way, Celer's music is incredibly bold in its gentleness and the demands it makes on you as a listener. There's a lot going on over the course of this forty minutes, and to get the most out of it you'll have to tune in carefully, but even the most casual level of exposure to this music seems to slow down time. The dynamic range stretches between quietness and lulled imperceptibility, wafting in and out of earshot unless you really crank the volume and it's this coquettish, elusive quality that makes Celer so magical, and places them on a different plane to most other practitioners currently operating in a similar field. While comparisons to Stars Of The Lid and Stephan Mathieu have previously been thrown around these pages, the sheer enigmatic stillness and overwhelming ambiguity of this music makes them a whole other prospect. Highly recommended, as ever.

miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2009

Celer - Close Proximity And The Unhindered Care-All

Celer - Close Proximity And The Unhindered Care-All
Genre : Electronica, Ambient,

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Part 1: Culling the Past from Unsentient Weeks

Part 2: Indentions on Summits of Hands

Part 3: Tended Pouring


The duo of Celer is comprised of husband and wife Will Long and Danielle Baquet- Long. Using processed strings, pianos, regional field recordings, and electronics, Celer has composed a masterpiece of sentimental experiences and realism; the sound of raw emotion..

Tender and touching, yet poignant and stirring, Close Proximity and the Unhindered Care-all is composed of 3 parts that encapsulate over an hour of music, and on-location field recordings. Part 1 creeps quietly through your room until its presence is felt, fading, and field recordings are bringing back distant memories. Part 2 starts on a melancholy note and ends in a sea of stunning ambience, drifting, and fizzling out. Part 3 embraces and carries you off to a distant, but strangely comforting world where it shares its secrets with you, and yet disappears at the peak of discovery.

It is an honor for SRA to be able to share with you this masterpiece of sound art by Dani and Will, and we hope it brings comfort to a world where things are often taken for granted and then forgotten. When listening to such a heart-rending album, itʼs hard not to feel somehow connected with the glowing love Dani and Will undoubtedly have shared, and Celer will always be remembered, and cherished in this way.

Packaged in a 8 panel classic digipack with a matte UV finish, the artwork consists of poetry by Dani, and layout, design, and cover photography by Johnny Utterback.

Siberian Railway - Tokio blues

Siberian Railway - Tokio blues

Genre : Electronica, IDM, Indie,




Takahiro Kido – a short happy life

Takahiro Kido – a short happy life
Genre : Electronica, Ambient, Clásica,

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01.Home 00:32
02.Under a Cherry Tree 03:32
03.Summer Dogs 00:32
04.Franny 04:22
05.Small Caress 04:26
06.Jeaolusy 00:58
07.In Cold Blood 08:22
08.Atelire 02:20
09.A Carefree Patient 08:12
10.Paysage 00:30
11.K 06:16 02:10


Takahiro Kido is a composer residing in Tokyo, Japan. He started the post-rock band Anoice as a leader & composer and have released the highly acclaimed album “Remmings” on the Important Label. His music is a blissful combination of various classical instruments – piano, violin, viola, organ and guitars etc. with a little electronics. In 2006, he starts to work as a recording/mixing engineer and web designer. And he has released five solo albums from PLOP and Ricco Label. He know also plays in bands mokyow (a three piece band with Takahiro Matsue and Tadashi Yoshikawa) and cru (a unit with Yuki Murata) since 2007.

viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2009

Spheruleus - The Disguised Familiar

Spheruleus - The Disguised Familiar
Genre : Ambient, Electronica, Drone,

1 - As The Warmth Fades (17:02)
2 - A Significant Circle (13:10)
3 - How White The Cerulean Sky (10:32)
4 - Blue Moon (9:35)


Spheruleus, aka Harry Towell, is a British artist who records music under a variety of project names, probably the best known being Audio Gourmet. With this release, he brings us a lovely and peaceful collection of still life portraits captured on a singular winter's day when much of England was blanketed with snow by a particularly heavy winter storm. Spheruleus combines field recordings captured on that day with beautifully conceived ambient drone pieces, creating a sublime collection of some of the most restful pure ambient music we've heard in a while.

On this release, Stuart Towell contributes some delicious ambient guitar that really helps cement the floating and placid feel of the tracks. Interestingly, we are told that ordinarily Stuart doesn't do ambient music but decided to give it a go on this exceptional day. We would encourage him to consider doing ambient more often, because his contributions to the pieces are simply excellent.

Overall this is a refreshing album, a perfect set of tracks to enjoy on a winter's morning with a steaming cup of tea and a nice warm blanket. We are very happy to be bringing our audience the music of Spheruleus, and hope this is the first of many releases to come on Earth Mantra.

Eluvium - Life Through Bombardment

Eluvium - Life Through Bombardment
Genre : Ambient, Piano, Electronica, Acoustic
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1. The Unfinished
2. Under The Water It Glowed
3. There Wasn't Anything

1. Zerthis Was A Shivering Human Image
2. I Am So Much More Me That You Are Perfectly You

1. An Accidental Memory
2. Genius And The Thieves
3. Perfect Neglect In A Field Of Statues
4. Nepenthe

1. In A Sense
2. The Well-Meaning Professor
3. An Accidental Memory In The Case Of Death

1. New Animals From The Air
2. Show Us Our Homes
3. Area 41

1. Everything To Come
2. Calm Of The Cast-Light Cloud

1. Taken
2. We Say Goodbye To Ourselves

1. One
2. Swallows In The Bath

1. I Will Not Forget That I Have Forgotten
2. As I Drift Off
3. All The Sails
4. When I Live By The Garden And The Sea

1. Untitled (For Piano)
2. Untitled (For Orchestra)
3. Untitled (For Rhodes And Tape)
4. Carousel

1. Amreik
2. Indoor Swimming At The Space Station
3. Seeing You Off The Edges

1. Prelude For Time Feelers
2. Requiem On Frankfort Ave.
3. Radio Ballet
4. (Intermission)

1. After Nature
2. Reciting The Airships
3. Ostinato

1. Hymn #1
2. Repose In Blue


Highly anticipated and long-overdue, Life Through Bombardment collects virtually every Eluvium song ever released (plus a bunch of rare and unreleased non-album tracks) into one stunning 7xLP set, all on vinyl for the first and only time. Each record is packaged in its own full-color jacket, featuring exquisite new artwork from Jeannie Lynn Paske, drawn exclusively for this set. The seven jackets are then bound into a beautiful dark green hardbound, linen-cover book, with metallic gold foil stamping and embossed text on the spine, and a beautiful full-color print embossed into the front cover. The inside front cover includes a removable old-fashioned library card, complete with personalized signatures from the artists and designers involved in the creation of this package. The final name on the library card will belong to the purchaser, hand-written and dated when purchased. The inside back cover includes a mind-blowing 12x36" foldout double-sided full-color poster insert, featuring more artwork from Ms. Paske. In addition, each copy of this set will include a unique digital code to download high-quality mp3s of the entire box set collection. This is limited to a one-time pressing of 1,000 copies, pressed onto 100% virgin black vinyl.

jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2009

Operations – You And Atomic Warfare

Operations – You And Atomic Warfare

Genre : Ambient, Electronica
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01. Trinity
02. Argus
03. Teapot
04. Crossroads
05. Dominic II
06. Storax


Operations is Chris Anderson. You may remember him from the second Dead Pilot release “Knights Move!”. Well, that was some time ago and this album has been in the works ever since, but it finally sees the light of day.

Inspired by the nuclear tests undertaken by western nations in the 1950s, this album is a deep, harrowing and affecting listen. Radio static drops in and out of dusty piano loops and delicate guitar passages over layers of feedback drenched drones. It’s highly textured yet very minimal and benefits from headphones immensely. The sound Chris has created here is very immersive and really captures your imagination; with it’s barely there instrumentation and distant noises, you will find your self discovering new sounds on each listen. The 22 minute epic “Dominic II” is one of the spookiest tracks I’ve heard in a long time. If you can imagine Godspeed and Machinefabriek soundtracking an obscure black & white horror film, I think it would sound somewhat like this. The tension created is fascinating.

Limited to 99 copies in hand stamped and hand numbered windowed digipaks, tied with string.

miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2009

No one pulse - E

No one pulse - E
Genre : Electronica, Experimental, Noise

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01.01. P 20:00

02.02. L 05:00

03.03. C 26:19

04.04. A 02:24


No one pulse is an audio project between two hong kong artists, wong chung-fai and chau kin-wai. wong chung-fai has been working both as a writer and sound artist under the persona “sin:ned” for quite some time. he first appeared in the legendary hong kong alternative music magazine mcb (music colony bi-weekly) as a controversial “music critic”, re-visioning others’ cd and music art work as the source code for his own literary imagineering. later, he turned to the world of software and strange electronics device and started making his own “source code”. some of his early sound works can be found in compilations such as “music for your beautiful boy”, “mondisk”, “mcb200” and various cd released by the tapegerm collective. his first two solo works, “uroborus: a study on no-input device” and “60 seconds: a schizophrenic manual for eternity” were both released by lona records. chau kin-wai is the mastermind behind sleepatwork, a multi-media design collective founded in may 2002 with interest ranging widely from graphic design to animation, web design to music. his artworks had appeared in quite a number of exhibitions and publications. he was also the curator of various art projects such as “media jam”, “60 seconds”, and “a2 exhibition”. his prolific portfolio can be found on beside sleepatwork, he had also worked under the name ok_static, releasing homemade cd of static and noise not unlike those from raster-noton. the collaboration between wong chung-fai and chau kin-wai first started when the former was invited by the latter to contribute for the audio/visual internet project “60 seconds”. in 03 hk sound & vision festival, the two worked together again for the multi-media live event “media jam”, as two of the audio improvisers. in 2006, they started to explore the concept of pure internet collaboration through a new project named no one pulse.