sábado, 12 de septiembre de 2009

Pastaklubben - Asperger

Pastaklubben - Asperger
Genre : Electronica, Ambient

1. Asperger (35:36)


Pastaklubben is an exquisite corpse of music. A joyful depression. A vivid tranquility and a painful pleasure. Formed in Copenhagen in 2007, these 4 young Cyber-Punks, armed with an array of effects units, guitars and laptops have a penchant for creating live and improvised dark, emotional and atmospheric sounds.In a constant flux of development, no two Pastaklubben performances are ever cloned. ‘Asperger’, recorded in just one take, paints a fascinating, futuristic world, mirroring that of Ridley Scott’s bleak, dystopian vision of Los Angeles, in his outstanding Bladerunner motion picture.A dizzying amalgam of pitch-black ambience, dismembered electronics and static-drenched, particle-sized beats, ‘Asperger’ is a must for fans of Murcof, Autechre and, of course the Vangelis score that so enhanced Scott’s film. ‘Asperger’ is spacious yet claustrophobic, an alchemy of contradictions, much like its creators. Please listen to the uncut, uncensored facts.

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