martes, 8 de septiembre de 2009

Pleq – The Metamorphosis

Pleq – The Metamorphosis

Genre : Electronica, Ambient, IDM
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01. Metamorphosis Pt.1
02. Reconstruction
03. The Ballad Of The Broken Heart
04. Song Of Nonsens
05. To Be A Little Cloud
06. Don’t Cry My Dear
07. Metamorphosis Pt. 2
08. I Think In These Terms Every Time
09. Do You Remember Your Dreams?
10. Maus
11. Nostalgia For The Security Of Childhood


Pleq is an experimental IDM project by Bartosz Dziadosz Based in Katowice, Poland; Pleq has developed his highly-synthetic competencies through a series of dis-reality attempts, monastery supervision and a romantic way of handling peer pressure. His motives in sound resemble an abandoned ironworks garage during the industrial revolution, where melancholy is paired with harmonies of magnetizing structure. Melodic IDM based on click 'n cuts of a very high level. On track 1 and 7 the addional voice is by Chihiro and on track 9 the voice comes from Building castles out of matchsticks.

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