miércoles, 2 de diciembre de 2009

No one pulse - E

No one pulse - E
Genre : Electronica, Experimental, Noise

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01.01. P 20:00

02.02. L 05:00

03.03. C 26:19

04.04. A 02:24


No one pulse is an audio project between two hong kong artists, wong chung-fai and chau kin-wai. wong chung-fai has been working both as a writer and sound artist under the persona “sin:ned” for quite some time. he first appeared in the legendary hong kong alternative music magazine mcb (music colony bi-weekly) as a controversial “music critic”, re-visioning others’ cd and music art work as the source code for his own literary imagineering. later, he turned to the world of software and strange electronics device and started making his own “source code”. some of his early sound works can be found in compilations such as “music for your beautiful boy”, “mondisk”, “mcb200” and various cd released by the tapegerm collective. his first two solo works, “uroborus: a study on no-input device” and “60 seconds: a schizophrenic manual for eternity” were both released by lona records. chau kin-wai is the mastermind behind sleepatwork, a multi-media design collective founded in may 2002 with interest ranging widely from graphic design to animation, web design to music. his artworks had appeared in quite a number of exhibitions and publications. he was also the curator of various art projects such as “media jam”, “60 seconds”, and “a2 exhibition”. his prolific portfolio can be found on www.sleepatwork.com. beside sleepatwork, he had also worked under the name ok_static, releasing homemade cd of static and noise not unlike those from raster-noton. the collaboration between wong chung-fai and chau kin-wai first started when the former was invited by the latter to contribute for the audio/visual internet project “60 seconds”. in 03 hk sound & vision festival, the two worked together again for the multi-media live event “media jam”, as two of the audio improvisers. in 2006, they started to explore the concept of pure internet collaboration through a new project named no one pulse.

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