martes, 15 de diciembre de 2009

Celer - In Escaping Lakes

Celer - In Escaping Lakes
Genre : Electronica, Ambient,

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1.A Less Distinguished Tributary
3.Mentioned Fumes
4.The Light Obtainable In Spaces We Share
5.Extending and Directly Below
6.Inoffensive Sets of Misdirection
7.Calculated Din
8.Wetness Is Close To Likeness
9.Horizontal Reflections
11.A Buoyant Object, That Rests and Moves In Such A Way
12.When Recounting Futures, Don’t Fail To Mention Me


It's becoming increasingly difficult to write about Celer's music. The duo's output has been coming our way at a steady rate in recent months and their music seems to be converging on the extremes of ambient fragility. Far away from the more usual drone recordings that come our way, Celer's music is incredibly bold in its gentleness and the demands it makes on you as a listener. There's a lot going on over the course of this forty minutes, and to get the most out of it you'll have to tune in carefully, but even the most casual level of exposure to this music seems to slow down time. The dynamic range stretches between quietness and lulled imperceptibility, wafting in and out of earshot unless you really crank the volume and it's this coquettish, elusive quality that makes Celer so magical, and places them on a different plane to most other practitioners currently operating in a similar field. While comparisons to Stars Of The Lid and Stephan Mathieu have previously been thrown around these pages, the sheer enigmatic stillness and overwhelming ambiguity of this music makes them a whole other prospect. Highly recommended, as ever.

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