jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2009

Operations – You And Atomic Warfare

Operations – You And Atomic Warfare

Genre : Ambient, Electronica
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01. Trinity
02. Argus
03. Teapot
04. Crossroads
05. Dominic II
06. Storax


Operations is Chris Anderson. You may remember him from the second Dead Pilot release “Knights Move!”. Well, that was some time ago and this album has been in the works ever since, but it finally sees the light of day.

Inspired by the nuclear tests undertaken by western nations in the 1950s, this album is a deep, harrowing and affecting listen. Radio static drops in and out of dusty piano loops and delicate guitar passages over layers of feedback drenched drones. It’s highly textured yet very minimal and benefits from headphones immensely. The sound Chris has created here is very immersive and really captures your imagination; with it’s barely there instrumentation and distant noises, you will find your self discovering new sounds on each listen. The 22 minute epic “Dominic II” is one of the spookiest tracks I’ve heard in a long time. If you can imagine Godspeed and Machinefabriek soundtracking an obscure black & white horror film, I think it would sound somewhat like this. The tension created is fascinating.

Limited to 99 copies in hand stamped and hand numbered windowed digipaks, tied with string.

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