miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2009

Takahiro Kido – a short happy life

Takahiro Kido – a short happy life
Genre : Electronica, Ambient, Clásica,

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01.Home 00:32
02.Under a Cherry Tree 03:32
03.Summer Dogs 00:32
04.Franny 04:22
05.Small Caress 04:26
06.Jeaolusy 00:58
07.In Cold Blood 08:22
08.Atelire 02:20
09.A Carefree Patient 08:12
10.Paysage 00:30
11.K 06:16
12.xxx 02:10


Takahiro Kido is a composer residing in Tokyo, Japan. He started the post-rock band Anoice as a leader & composer and have released the highly acclaimed album “Remmings” on the Important Label. His music is a blissful combination of various classical instruments – piano, violin, viola, organ and guitars etc. with a little electronics. In 2006, he starts to work as a recording/mixing engineer and web designer. And he has released five solo albums from PLOP and Ricco Label. He know also plays in bands mokyow (a three piece band with Takahiro Matsue and Tadashi Yoshikawa) and cru (a unit with Yuki Murata) since 2007.

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