viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2009

Spheruleus - The Disguised Familiar

Spheruleus - The Disguised Familiar
Genre : Ambient, Electronica, Drone,

1 - As The Warmth Fades (17:02)
2 - A Significant Circle (13:10)
3 - How White The Cerulean Sky (10:32)
4 - Blue Moon (9:35)


Spheruleus, aka Harry Towell, is a British artist who records music under a variety of project names, probably the best known being Audio Gourmet. With this release, he brings us a lovely and peaceful collection of still life portraits captured on a singular winter's day when much of England was blanketed with snow by a particularly heavy winter storm. Spheruleus combines field recordings captured on that day with beautifully conceived ambient drone pieces, creating a sublime collection of some of the most restful pure ambient music we've heard in a while.

On this release, Stuart Towell contributes some delicious ambient guitar that really helps cement the floating and placid feel of the tracks. Interestingly, we are told that ordinarily Stuart doesn't do ambient music but decided to give it a go on this exceptional day. We would encourage him to consider doing ambient more often, because his contributions to the pieces are simply excellent.

Overall this is a refreshing album, a perfect set of tracks to enjoy on a winter's morning with a steaming cup of tea and a nice warm blanket. We are very happy to be bringing our audience the music of Spheruleus, and hope this is the first of many releases to come on Earth Mantra.

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