martes, 24 de noviembre de 2009

Nuearz – Saturation Point

Nuearz – Saturation Point
Genre : Electronica, IDM

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01 Saturation Point 4.58
02 Humble Diet 5.25
03 Spiral Ramp 4.31
04 Protocol C 5.33
05 Counterpoise 5.55
06 Innerspace 5.15
07 Turn and Twist 4.59
08 Non Linear Vibration 5.32
09 Watershed 7.40
10 Self Absorption 5.20
11 Escalator over the Super Flat 6.00
12 Hundred Views of JP 6.02


The solo project of one Kazuhiro Okuda, Nuearz is the latest recruit to the Skam roster, and while a solid core of heavily edited electronica is at the heart of this record, there’s an awful lot more going on as well. The tricky cutting, in-depth percussive detail and cranked levels of compression all make Saturation Point an aptly titled sensory assault. ‘Protocol C’ works well, benefitting from playing down the more overloaded compositional traits of elsewhere – ‘Counterpoise’ for example is a beast of a thing, full of melodic, twinkling tones, lurid synth lines and strummed acoustic guitar. In fact, acoustic guitar is heavily used throughout the record, which isn’t really something you’d expect of a Skam release. Far more in keeping with the label’s traditional agenda is the obliteration of beat structures and a thorough working knowledge of advanced electro experiments, which is apparently something Okuda is eminently adept at, albeit in a slightly noisier, scrappier – even psychedelic fashion than is customary for anything that might come under the banner of IDM.

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