viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2009

Milinal – Honey meridian

Milinal – Honey meridian
Genre : Ambient, Electronica

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1. Fluxes
2. Inside Sea Shells
3. Dirketoki
4. Drift
5. Bur In Sky Ya
6. Stereo Fall of the Leaves
7. Brinta
8. Swallows Fly Low
9. Hurricaine
10. Artificial & Yellow (featuring Natasha Burinskaya)
11. Honey Meridian


Audiobulb continue to offer up interesting developments on the electronica scene with this unusual new long-player from Milinal. Honey Meridian asserts a sound that’s all its own, slicing through filtered, ambient recordings drawn from instruments and environmental noises. ‘Inside Sea Shells’ offers a pop song of sorts, glitching through obliterated vocals in an oddly haunting, romanticized way, but subsequent tracks take us towards a more experimental set of sounds. The clicky guitar string dissections of ‘Bur In Sky Ya’ are as ear-ticklingly tuneful as they are elaborate and ‘Stereo Fall Of The Leaves’ is a wonderfully immersive soundscape in the Tim Hecker mold, full of dense, foggy noise formations and pensive electroacoustic treatments.
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