domingo, 8 de noviembre de 2009

Melodium - Ten Years

Melodium - Ten Years

Genre : Ambient, Electronica,
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01. rhythmi
02. low system
03. k-rdroid
04. silica
05. hymnotic
06. quarsep
07. death to frequencies
08. gamm
09. cyclamen1
10. hiko
11. cyclamen2
12. varicelle
13. vilnius2
14. vide obscur
15. ballad
16. impropre
17. the summer air
18. it’s almost time for you to leave
19. basistas
20. crimethink
21. piano interlude
22. violon interlude
23. guitare interlude
24. life is a tv show


Melodium has been knocking about for some time now so it's nice hear that he's decided to put together a self -released compilation of his favorite compositions from the last ten years. He's called it 'Ten Years' which is a little lacking in imagination but i'll forgive him as this is a strong collection of dreamy electronica that instantly soothing my achey achey bonce. So you get 24 tunes on this comp, all of which have been previously released on various formats by excellent labels such as Static Caravan, Unlabel, Active suspension and Duotone amongst others. Melodium specializes in electro-snippets/mini portions of electronica that have a lot in common with Plaid, The Remote Viewer, Boards Of Canada and the like. Very melodic use of sounds and samples with well laid back beat programming and wonky bonus sounds. This is a really ace sounding compilation so make sure you check out the sound clips to get a better idea of what i'm talking about.

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