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The Declining Winter - Haunt The Upper Hallways

The Declining Winter - Haunt The Upper Hallways
Genre : Electronica, Acustica, Indie

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01. Haunt The Upper Hallways
02. My Name In Ruins
03. Hey EFD
04. Red Brick Houses
05. Where The Servern Rivers Tread
06. Come On Feel The Willingness
07. Drenched
08. Goodbye Light LS28
09. Carta Remix
10. Hey EFD (inst)


When the brothers Adams allowed Hood an extended sabbatical it was always going to be interesting to see how far their musical paths would diverge from their unmistakable blueprint. Now temporarily freed from the pressures and expectations of the Hood environment, Richard Adams has breathed an audible sigh of relief into his new project, The Declining Winter.

The latest instalment from The Declining Winter is due for release on 27th July 2009. It has taken some time to work out the format for this release but after much deliberation we have decided it should come as a 7" record which includes a CD containing a full album of material. We hope this will satisfy those who require a 'vinyl fix' and everyone else also receives what is effectively The Declining Winter's second full length album on CD, in its own packaging. A slightly unusual format but perfectly in keeping with Adams' idiosyncratic approach to music making. In addition to all this, the first 100 website orders will also receive a further CD of remixes of 'Haunt The Upper Hallways' from the likes of Part Timer, Winter North Atlantic, Northerner, Fieldhead and Richard Adams himself.

Throughout the course of 'Haunt The Upper Hallways' you will encounter passages of breathtaking beauty akin to those found on Rachel's mesmerising 'Music For Egon Schiele', followed by wistful, reflective pieces that conjure up comparisons with Robert Wyatt, Deerhunter, Grizzly Bear and latter day Talk Talk. There is a freshness to Adams' approach to songwriting which is beautifully exhibited in the addition of dulcimer and violins throughout these ten mini epics.

‘Haunt The Upper Hallways’, true to Adams’ pedigree, is the work of an artist for whom contradiction, severity, experimentation and dissonance are as much grist to the mill as harmony, melody and concord. Close attention to the multi-layered vocals sometimes reveals that Adams might also be grinding axes or even settling old scores throughout the course of these songs. Or, perhaps it’s just the ramblings of a man lost and confused on the number ninety-one (Pudsey to Chapeltown) bus.

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