viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2009

Noveller/Aidan Baker - Colorful Disturbances

Noveller/Aidan Baker - Colorful Disturbances
Genre : Ambient, Electronica, Experimental

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A1 - Noveller - Under the Color Cave
A2 - Noveller - White Rabbit
B - Aidan Baker - Disturbances Part 1 & 2


Guitars warped so hard they dissolve into pure consciousness! Seriously, this record had to happen because these two are the NOW of transcendental guitar weirdness. In families like ours where deformed music of one kind or another pours out of the speakers all day long, Toronto's Aidan Baker is a household name. He is no doubt one of the most imaginative experimental musicians of the new generation, quickly creating a universe of limitless sound with his bursting discography. He offers this record an extensive piece which mixes drone, texture, and an ever-bowing foundation -- imagine the sound of falling backwards... forever. The new blood on this split is guitarist Sarah Lipstate from Brooklyn, New York (aka Noveller). Sarah's prepared twin guitar works up a slow hypnotic force, gently pulling way out to the furthest deep end of pulses and patterns. Beautiful repetitions effortlessly skirt over a dark undercurrent. A+++ listen. Edition of 600 copies.

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