lunes, 12 de octubre de 2009

Newworldaquarium - The Force (Ame Remixes)

Newworldaquarium - The Force (Ame Remixes)
Genre : Electronica, IDM, Techno, Ambient
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A The Force (Ame Remix) 7:59
AA The Force (Alternative Version) 9:41


NWAQ's mind-blowing 'Dead Bears' LP continues to blossom and bear fruit with two further remixes from Ame, taking 'The Force' for two essential remix trips. Jochem Peteri's original version is the majestic opener to said album, creating a memorable introduction with head-pressurised technohouse vibes ripe for a remix job from some capable hands. Ame prove they're the right fellas for the job with a pair of utterly sublime revisions diverging the track in opposite directions. The first mix imagines 'The Force' as a rolling breakbeat disco special, taking hefty influences from Carl Craig's 69 project and A'dam's Aaradvarck, programming crisp funky drums with that German kink. Much like their 'Fiori' track for Ostgut, we're sure this is going to held as one of the finest examples of their work for a long time to come. On the flip they take a very different tack, swiping away any trace of percussion for a haunting 'Alternative Version', remaking the track as an infinitely effective set opener or closer for the DJs, or a sublime piece of home listening for everyone else. Well recommended and strictly limited!

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