domingo, 25 de octubre de 2009

Konntinent | Lonely in the Shallows |

Konntinent | Lonely in the Shallows
Genre : Ambient, Electronica
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01. lonely in the Shallow


A new epic from Konntinent, Lonely in the Shallows drifts, moves and shifts seamlessly. Recalling the raw organic beauty of Talk Talk's seminal 'Laughing Stock' and the unrequited emotion of avant composer Harold Budd, Antony Harrsion has succeeded in creating a new palette without the aid of digital instruments and effects. Experimenting with an open ended writing approach, Harrison now presents us with this cathartic and sweeping stroll through internal musings, thoughts and wanderings.

As a limited editon of 100, the package includes clear liner notes and a individual glass slide from the posthumous works of travel photographer Sam Van Elgort.

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