miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

Ian Hawgood - Before I Let The Sunshine Rot

Ian Hawgood - Before I Let The Sunshine Rot
Genre : Ambient, Electronica, Experimental

1. Before I Let The Sunshine Rot
2. Airguns After Supper
3. Seoul I
4. The Latin Quarter
5. Pirouette Of Cotton 1
6. Seoul II
7. Ginseng and polaramin, and one long slumber
8. Thank You Sara

Ian Hawgood curates not one, but three labels, including the highly regarded Home Normal and calls both Tokyo and London his home. A stalwart of the netlabel scene with releases on several labels including 12rec and Resting Bell and a serial collaborator, Hawgood's music incorprorates a myriad of organic instrumentations marrying the abstract with the melodic, fashioning music that is nostalgic, cultured, passionate and honest.

Recorded in numerous locations, from Seoul to Lecce & Paris to Pennsylvania, multi-instrumentalist Ian Hawgood returns to his roots on 'Before I Let The Sunshine Rot' to capture the memories of these places; the sights, the smells, the sounds but, most importantly, the people he considers friends.

A deeply personal journey, but one in which Ian invites you to join him in remembering the good times as he basks in the draping, folk guitar, ethereal, hazy drones and poignant nostalgia encapsulated in this release.


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