viernes, 9 de octubre de 2009

bRUNA - and it matters to me to see you smiling

bRUNA - and it matters to me to see you smiling
Genre : Electronica
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01 - the innocence mission
02 - andaari
03 - forgiveness
04 - crossed messages
05 - how to seek answers from signals
06 - lost and found
07 - as something reminds of a past failure
08 - it could have been better
09 - for the day we met
10 - i need you (out of my head)
11 - settle for nothing else
12 - i knew it would never last
13 - don't give up
14 - about dealing with private emotions
15 - please don't make me sorry
16 - 1989


bRUNA is Barcelona based young artist and he’s really an absolute growing name in Spanish electronica scene. As a DJ his talent was recognized opening Sonar 2006 and next year he was selected for the Red Bull Academy Toronto. Since then he has been focusing his interests in making music more than in playing other’s stuff.

Now spa.RK has the honor to present his first album and we are sure that is’t gonna make waves. With just a couple of tracks on his myspace, he became rapidly a favorite of local critics and the most anticipated name in the press. Finally he delivered a 12” for Marc Marzenit’s Paradigma Musik label (Heartbreak EP, exploring his interest on the more danceable sounds of his music, but always melancholic, personal and elegant) that has been very well received. So now is the moment to prove his value in this CD. First word to come to our mind is passionate: in this electronica world full of promenairs and dilettantes, bRUNA establish himself as an absolute music lover, and without absurd detours he goes straight to the bone, to make the only music he wants to make, the only music that really commits yourself in the listening and the experience of loving it.
With a lot of well distilled influences and a master work in composition, bRUNA is everything he has been listening since he was a kid and everything that music can be nowadays: no prejudices, no style boundaries constrain his work and the result is an album absolutely enjoyable, addictive till the end of the day, concise and extremely concentrated. Thirty minutes with no low moments, full of intensity and brightness. This way you can fulfill the hunger it leaves at the end of the listening and you are more than ready to listen to it again!

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