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Leyland Kirby - When We Parted My Heart Wanted To Die

Leyland Kirby - When We Parted My Heart Wanted To Die
Genre : Ambient, Electronica, Experimental
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01.When We Parted, My Heart Wanted to Die (Friedrichshain Memory)
02.The Sound of Music Vanishing
03.The Beauty of the Impending Tragedy of My Existence
04.And as I Sat Beside You I Felt the Great Sadness that Day
05.Tonight is the Last Night of the World
06.To the Place Between the Twilight and the Dawn


New project from James Kirby, aka The Caretaker. There will be three double vinyl albums followed by a triple CD collection of all three parts, Be warned - these deluxe vinyl editions are strictly limited to 450 copies for the world* James Leyland Kirby is the real name of The Caretaker, an artist formerly known as V/Vm. In recent years his tireless trawl through obsolete 78rpm discovered in a Stockport record shop have provided the source material for a ghostly new sound centred around that school of Hauntology identified by Simon Reynolds. Since moving to Berlin over two years ago, Kirby has been exploring a sound beyond the mottled loops of his 'Persistant Repetition Of Phrases', seeking to encapsulate a deep feeling of loss and alienation. What started out as a concept for a single album, soon blossomed into a triple double-vinyl series, and triple CD pack as the material proliferated. To give some background to the feelings exposed in this music Kirby himself says "Here we stand, twenty years on from the first CD, and our optimism has been gradually eroded away collectively. 'Tomorrows World' never came. We are lost and isolated, many of us living our lives through social networks as we try to make sense of it all, becoming voyeurs not active participants. Documenting everything. No Mystery. Everything laid bare for all to see". And it is with this pessimistic, and individuated sense of being that Kirby constructs these incredible pieces, weaving field recordings, found sounds, layered drones, treated piano and unidentifiable fragments of sound to create a deeply mesmerising sequence of music designed to overwhelm and absorb. These deeply personal tracks somehow betray a yearning to connect with something deeper, to rediscover visceral emotions that have been buried under so much daily detritus and feelings of being short-changed by the glorious rave era which so many people of this generation have experienced, but can now only look back upon with selective, and often warped memories. It's a return to ambience, to the soporific sounds which have been in the background during our shared experiences, contrasting the "togetherness" of the halcyon rave daze with our current "pod existance" by subliminally and psychedelically affecting our sense of time and place by tracing and retracing musical steps until it's a blur, reliving the same momentary motif with incremental differences, trapped in our own feedback loops of lost emotion. This feeling is also reflected in the original artwork by Ivan Seal, whose original composition is painted over and again through the six separate releases, shifting patterns with traces of what came before them affecting the layers that succeed them. To us, this album feels like the music of Eno, Debussy, AFX, Basinski, Köner and Badalamenti channeled through the spirit of a Berlin or Manchester nightscape and delivered with a brutally honest appreciation of the world we live in. Some of the finest music you'll ever feel.

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