viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

Flica - Telepathy Dreams

Flica - Telepathy Dreams
Genre : Ambient, Electronica
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1. Commes

2. Drun

3. Hie

4. In Dreams

5. Ind

6. Istatic

7. Midnight Waving

8. Seing

9. Stairs


“In the absence of telepathy, there will be no traces of us in our hearts, and perhaps only in dreams, the splendor will remain.” Those are the beautiful words that only Flica can deliver through his music. With the release of Flica’s latest effort, Telepathy Dreams, he explores your soul and mind on a level only he can explore. This self-released ambient and modern classic album takes on a serious musical approach. Telepathy Dreams showcases a darker side of Flica, as compared to his previous releases such as Windvane & Window and Nocturnal.
Listening to this new album would be like a reflection of flipping through black and white photographs, which is both warm and cold. This flipside of intense emotions is prevailed through this 9-tracks album. Flica is taking on an emotional journey and you this album prove to be exceptional. The entirety of Telepathy Dreams is produced, recorded, arranged, programmed, mixed and designed by Euseng Seto a.k.a. Flica himself. Started in November 2008 and completed in June 2009, this album is a musical avant garde.

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