domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Pospulenn - Sun People Sleepwalker

Pospulenn - Sun People Sleepwalker
Genre : Ambient, Electronic,Electroacoustic,

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Farther Twig And Grasshopper Song

Feather Gem Drift

Luno's Outer Scale

Rainbowed For A Fish In The Wind


This Is How I Sing To The Moment

Frozen Beach

Mint Mountain

Silver Lake

Lazy Oasis

Frozen Beach Pt. 2

Porcelain Solar Halo (Live 10/07)

Safe In The Cedar Alcove (Live 10/07)


Once again, the fine folks at Housecraft have put out a release that is unnecessarily limited. Each release on the label is unique to one another, in that they all bring the listener into a new environment completely of their own. Artists like Xiphiidae, Peat Raamur, and Samsara Vista all have an eerie yet enveloping feel in their sound. Pospulenn's Sun People Sleepwalker is of a completely different breed.

Pospulenn was an alias of Kane Pour (of Tricorn & Queue and Hundreds) that was mainly guitar-based in its sound. Sun People Sleepwalker is a compilation of Kane Pour's recordings under the Pospulenn name, which total up to over an hour in length. This release, I would say, is the best work I have ever heard from Kane Pour as of yet. In all 13 tracks, melodies are layered over one another as the songs build, and each one hits every single note in its key. In the midst of the guitars, field recordings faintly add density. This combination creates a dream-like feeling that seems completely new to me. During their slow builds, the songs begin to sound so lush that they form a drone that is absolute ecstasy. For its entire 69 minutes, Sun People Sleepwalker never loses its momentum.

I would highly recommend seeking this out, though unfortunately due to its limited amount of 50 copies, I doubt many distributors still have this tape in stock. Due to this, I hope Sun People Sleepwalker receives a proper vinyl release someday. However, if this can be found at the right price, grab it immediately... it's a gem.

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