jueves, 25 de noviembre de 2010

apparat / telefon tel aviv - Sayulita EP

Apparat / Telefon tel aviv - Sayulita EP
Genre : Electronic

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01 - Apparat - Sayulita (DJ-KiCKS)
02 - Telefon Tel Aviv - Lengthening Shadows
03 - Apparat - Circles


Collecting the exclusive tracks from Sascha Ring's new DJ Kicks compilation, this EP brings you unmixed versions of both Apparat cuts, plus the previously unreleased Telefon Tel Aviv contribution. 'Sayulita' is typically clinical in its pristine, spacious production, but the chiming guitar melodies give the track a driving, emotional edge that takes the track beyond the confines of a dancefloor-focused mindset. 'Circles' is less beat-oriented, instead treading into Four Tet territory with its spiralling string plucks; otherworldly vocals and scrappy percussion join in too, making the piece all the more abstract. Telefon Tel Aviv are in great form for 'Lengthening Shadows'; its undoubtedly cut from a similar cloth to Apparat's work, shaping crystalline electronics around a kind of vapourised song structure - when it all comes together it all sounds pretty massive.

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