sábado, 20 de noviembre de 2010

library tapes - Like Green Grass Against Blue Sky

library tapes - Like Green Grass Against Blue Sky
Genre : Ambient, Electronica,

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1. Terese
2. 02
3. Enslig
4. Klosterg.
5. Like grass straws against a blue sky
6. Om du är en fågel
7. Accidental theme pt.1
8. Ren tystnad
9. 09


Self-released on his Aeutic label, this is the 5th album from David Wenngren's project, Library Tapes. Lasting just under half an hour, Wenngren has slowly refined his ideas into one of the more distinctive modern classical variants we've heard in recent months. Simple but evocative piano motifs hover over field recordings and other indeterminable sounds, lulling the listener into a semi-conscious state. Long-term fans will be glad to know that the two long tracks, '02' and '09', feature long-term collaborator and esteemed artist in his own right - Danny Norbury, who adds his haunting cello arrangements to flesh out the piano and swirling drones in inspired style. Followers of Peter Broderick, Max Richter and Sylvain Chauveau would do well to check in on this fine album, a gorgeous swirling and soothing release to wrap yourselves in as the cold winter nights draw in.

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