viernes, 26 de noviembre de 2010

Oathless - Standing Where Our Paths Shall Meet

Oathless - Standing Where Our Paths Shall Meet
Genre : Ambient, Electroacoustic, Electronic

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1. Under Porcelain Wings
2. Cascading Skies
3. A Single Rose
4. Winter (A Prelude)
5. White Horizons
6. Tigerlily
7. Winter Into Autumn
8. Ghost Providence


When Oathless was initially conceived as an acoustic folk effort in late 2006 by Simon Housley, the current sound associated with the project that has constantly evolved in the past four years would have been hard to imagine with the raw and simplistic sound that once existed. “Standing Where Our Paths Shall Meet” is an ambient release of much more sophistication and quality than the original three-track demo released in 2007. From the moment the first resonating ambient sounds of 'Under Porcelain Wings' reach your ears, there is a much darker sound than heard in previous releases. Following on from 'Zephyr' (the last release by Oathless), the sound of the album focuses on the upcoming cold of autumn and winter, embodied in particular in the aforementioned opening track and 'Tigerlily'. What has become a theme of more recent releases is still present, the slow, reverb-drenched strings that ooze. Heavily processed piano also underlies a number of tracks, none more so than the album's closer 'Ghost Providence', which ends the album in a very minimalist style to evoke a feeling of isolation and cold as winter approaches. Through subtle melodies and slow, reverberated chord changes, Standing Where Our Paths Shall Meet is an album that the listener can either choose to sit down and relax to use as a soundtrack for autumn and winter, or to listen to in more depth and to find more meaning in the sound after each listen, maybe attributing and associating their own experiences to the sound encapsulating them.

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