lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

When the clouds :: The longed-for season

When the clouds :: The longed-for season
Genre : Shoegaze, Electronica


01. The Dawn and The Embrace
02. Rise On
03. Flooding River
04. November Song
05. The Place Where This Path Leads
06. The House of Sleep


When the Clouds is the recording project of artist and producer Franceso Galano of Salerno, Italy. Francesco has a strong passion for art which has led him from an early age and culminated in his decision to study Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. At age 13, he had his first brush with making music via a broken acoustic guitar which he'd received as a gift from his uncle. From that moment on, his life was divided by two passions: art and music. While playing in several bands as a teenager, he also began composing music on his own. Francesco released his first demo in 2004, under the name Eid Ethyca, called “White Noise, Awake Memories”. This early project was close to the musical dimension he'd later finesse as When the Clouds. One notable difference being, voice was an important component to the song structure. With When the Clouds he's focused more on sound, spending time studying and obsessing over musique concrète's textures, noises and glitches. As a result he's steered towards instrumental music, and began to incorporate acoustic instruments in his sound. His focus on more organic sound, he's started to make extremely narrative instrumental electronic music that in and of itself tells a story. In each of these tracks, each listener could define in words or images something different. Inspired by the pastoral beauty of nature and its evocative power that holds sway over him, When the Clouds' very name can be left open to interpretation, just as any viewer can find shapes or meaning in the clouds themselves as they pass overhead. The Longed-For Season is a six track tapestry that reveals more and more of itself with each listen. Equal parts restraint, masterfully crafted tension and euphoric release that will leave listeners lost in thought. RIYL: Mum, Telefon Tel Aviv, The Soul's Release.

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