lunes, 10 de mayo de 2010

Сеlеr :: Dwеll In Роssibility

Сеlеr :: Dwеll In Роssibility
Genre : Electronic, Ambient


1. Dwell In Possibility Pt. 1
2. Dwell In Possibility Pt. 2


I think I'm right in saying that this is Celer's first vinyl album? And unsurprisingly it contains a whole lotta sweet, sweet ambience. When I saw the artwork I wondered if it might be a sort of sister release to the amazing Engaged Touches but it's actually got quite a different, darker, feel on the whole. I guess if you follow through with the travel themes of the photographs on the two releases it might almost seem as if the Home Normal CD was the sound of reuniting with a loved one and this Blackest Rainbow release the sound of departing from them.. That's the beauty of their stuff I guess, they hint at all sorts of things but really you can read into it whatever you like and it'll probably end up being different with every listen. Whatever the intention, this is pretty gorgeous. As always!

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