martes, 11 de mayo de 2010

Clubroot - II: MMX

Clubroot - II: MMX
Genre : Electronic, Dub


01. Orbiting [05:03]
02. Waterways [05:02]
03. Dry Cured [05:21]
04. Sjambok [01:47]
05. Toe To Toe [04:40]
06. Whistles & Horns [04:41]
07. Running On Empty [05:01]
08. Physicality [05:21]
09. Dust Storm [03:47]
10. Closure [07:08]
11. Cherubs Cry [05:15]

Download (take down by request)

Deep-end dubstep heads, your time! Clubroot follows up his revelatory debut with a second set of deluxe post-rave for the emotionally scarred stepper. Unlike most producers of his ilk, Clubroot's music is almost defined by the fact that he simply doesn't play livesets. Perhaps it's a homage to that other show-shy figure, Burial, but it's probably more the fact that he'd have everyone in a blubbering puddle in the middle of the floor, meaning these tracks are ideally suited to smoke & whiskey aided armchair sessions. These eleven tracks adhere to the formula of his former set, using spare, dread-reverbed percussion, sweeping subbass harmonics and a framework of late 90's to early 00's warehouse vibes to express a particular sort of smudged anguish. 'Orbiting' starts the rush with a cascade of angelic voices summoned from a Hysteria hyperrave in Milton Keynes circa 1996, while 'Waterways' offers a half-hidden glimpse of fluid tech-step submerged under trolleys and tesco bags at the bottom of an inner city canal. The impressive 'Whistles & Horns', shakes out Orbital-esque rhythmic twists with the kind of synthbass finesse mastered by Teebee, 'Running On Empty' nods to the hanging halfstep of Kryptic Minds and then there's 'Cherubs Cry'. Do we really need to describe that one? Big.

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