lunes, 31 de mayo de 2010

Maps And Diagrams :: Cubiculo

Maps And Diagrams :: Cubiculo
Genre : Electronic, Ambient


1. The Melancholy of the Weavers 04:28
2. Kopangyang 04:16
3. Gnomish Twang 04:35
4. Fragments of a Former Moon


Taking some time out from making music with Charles Sage as Hessien, Tim Martin brings his Maps and Diagrams project to the surface with four exclusive songs for Fluid Audio.

'Cubiculo' features a more structured, loop-based arrangement, drawing attention to a rounded and melodic stencil with focus on subtle, micro-crystalised rhythm, surrounded by a self-assurance and tangled textures with a salute towards the work of Oval and their deconstructed works of the 90's.

'Cubiculo' creates a less-harsh listening environment compared to 'The Giant Woods' album on Yuki Yaki released in December 2009 and this is another steadfast release carefully crafted, interwoven with unfolding elements that makes Maps and Diagrams'
compositions so precisely enduring.

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