viernes, 12 de marzo de 2010

Offthesky - Hiding Nature

Offthesky - Hiding Nature
Genre : Ambient, Experimental, Electronic

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01. birds eye view
02. kind of brittle
03. frozen fountain
04. rest but not least
05. hand held lightly
06. light like
07. clockwort
08. fear of flora
09. little subtle secret


Offthesky is the alias of American sound sculptor and visual artist, Jason Corder. You may have previously encountered Corder's work on labels like Archipel, Zymogen, 12k's digital wing, term., and even The Remote Viewer's Mobeer, with his work as part of the duo Color Cassette. Hiding Nature is surely Boder's highest profile release to date, and it's a significant entry onto Home Normal's impressive catalogue. Label boss Ian Hawgood describes Corder as "pretty much my favourite artist", and on the strength of this album there's certainly a lot to recommend his work. Corder taps into the sort of idiom already established by the likes of Taylor Deupree and the likes, processing fragments of everyday sound, chiming vibraphones and tiny guitar tones. The blend of timbres is always delicate, yet you seldom hear anything that's stretched out into misted over drone - there's always plenty of texture readily audible over the course of this record, and not being overly precious or academic about his craft, Corder isn't shy when it comes to shaping melodies, or even applying vocals to his music when he deems it appropriate. 'Frozen Fountain' embraces wordless falsetto singing (a little like the sort of thing Arve Henriksen comes out with) while various noises all combine in a harmonious tangle. At every new moment there seems to be something beautiful to turn your ear towards: you'll hear 'Clockwort's superb concrète merging of percussive processing and glitchy rhythms; the more conventional electronic tonal warmth of 'Hand Held Lightly' and 'Fear Of Flora's fractured, hiss-soaked jumble. Another very fine release from the Home Normal stable.

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