jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

Maps and Diagrams - The giant woods

Maps and Diagrams - The giant woods
Genre : Ambient, Electronic

1. Duplicate
2. Eleemosyn
3. Gauche
4. Last Train Home
5. Navel
6. Savannakhet
7. Shuffel
8. Spirals
9. The World And You


It started out as a 4 track EP-isode and has finally grown into a fully-fledged album.
Maps And Diagrams' latest strike on classical electronica is also his first release on Yuki Yaki, which marks a little beatless respite after a number of more rhythmic outputs recently. Warmly droning ambient-textures with plenty of endless space echo, like in the good old days, dominate the album.
Melancholy, contemplation and calm prevail - nicely wrapped in mysteriously shining soundscapes with a kiss of lo-fi noise. "The Giant Woods" seems to be rather predestined for the dark Winter days to come.

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