jueves, 4 de marzo de 2010

Boy Is Fiction - Broadcasts In Colour

Boy Is Fiction - Broadcasts In Colour
Genre : Ambient, Electronic


01. Boy Is Fiction - In (02:27)
02. Boy Is Fiction - As Far From Here As Possible (06:19)
03. Boy Is Fiction - Feeling Lazy (04:26)
04. Boy Is Fiction - Pinprick (02:52)
05. Boy Is Fiction - Silo (03:59)
06. Boy Is Fiction - Sand (06:12)
07. Boy Is Fiction - Rat (04:49)
08. Boy Is Fiction - I Close My Eyes (05:00)
09. Boy Is Fiction - Either Way, I'm Dead (04:28)
10. Boy Is Fiction - Your Name On My Skin (03:46)
11. Boy Is Fiction - I Left You There (04:49)
12. Boy Is Fiction - My Veins Are Blocked (06:45)
13. Boy Is Fiction - Until Morning Comes (04:51)
14. Boy Is Fiction - For My Friend (05:06)


Australian artist Alex Gillett claims that his music "captures those quiet moments of introspection just before sleep". Not that this record by Boy Is Fiction will make anyone sleep by any means. It's certainly pitched at the quiet/ambient end of the electronic spectrum but it's also a record which explores the deepest of emotions.
Beginning in typically subdued fashion, the piano underscoring 'Why Did You Do That' is elegant and moving; a track which becomes more meaningful as it's repeated melody and persuasive melancholia gradually lodges itself into the brain. The piano proves to be the consistent thread in most of the tracks. For 'I'll Look For You' the rainy day misery is countered by punchy beats, the beats are clipped for 'Stack Is Bad' and although it takes a full two minutes for the piano to make its entrance, when it does there's a perfect combination of keys and digital technology. This track in turn segues into the welcoming warmth of 'Should Have Stopped'; it's a moment which evokes the jazz/post rock atmospheres of Bark Psychosis. After this the effects become more distorted but still retain an aura of night time drama. Much like fellow exponents Labradford, Boy Is Fiction is capable of making soulful music from entirely instrumental origins. ~ Leonards Lair

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  1. Been waiting a long time for this, awesome.