domingo, 7 de marzo de 2010

Melorman - Out in a Field

Color del textoMelorman - Out in a Field
Genre : Ambient, Electronic,

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1. Apricot fields
2. 5 o’clock spring time
3. Hold us
4. Small arms to hold
5. Sunlight noise
6. Toy
7. Silent breath
8. Watercircle
9. Theros
10. Tell me more stories


Melorman is the moniker of Antonis Haniotakis an electronic artist born in Athens,Greece. He has contributed with tracks in Music Labels such as Symbolic Interaction,Archaic Horizon,Summer Rain Recordings,Shima Records, IVDT ,CCT Records,Sixteensteps and Envizagae

His sound is based on melodic elements and coloured loop lines with a tone of melancholy.The melodies are aerial and fluffy changing as frequently as it can get.

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