miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2010

Mnemonic - Denkmodell

Mnemonic - Denkmodell

Genre : Electronic, IDM

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01. Denkmodell
02. Stille Tage
03. Die Kunst des Schweigens
04. Lautlos
05. Entdeckung der Einsamkeit
06. Ein Hauch von Poesie
07. Im Augenblick
08. Lichtblick
09. Phlegma
10. Ein Ich aus Glas
11. Tuchfьhlung


The project MNEMONIC, based around Michal Belletz and Sebastian Schulz, has been around on the electronic music scene for quite a while now, with ever increasing resonance and respect from both fans and media. The first two MNEMONIC albums "Identifikationsstörung" and "Konstruktive Vergangenheitsbewältigung" were published by Alfa Matrix. They are very different to the third album "Monokultur", released on French label M-Tronic. On this new, very limited release on Halbsicht Records, MNEMONIC further develop their unique sound, based on the foundations laid in "Monokultur". The song structure appears less chiseled and thereby creates a transparent ambience where catchy tunes form a perfect symbiosis with intelligent entangled beats, casting a spell over the audience.

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