martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Aidan Baker – Blue Figures

Aidan Baker – Blue Figures
Genre : Ambient, Electronica, Experimental,

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1 Figures Part 1 19:52
2 Figures Part 2 17:52
3 Untitled Drone 15:12
4 Gathering Blue 12:28


“[CA] after weeks of delay, the new massive live album from Aidan Baker is finally available ! it consists of two live sets (70 min +), one with “figures” and the other with an unreleased drone and “gathering blue”. both sets recorded last spring during his extensive european tour, solo or with Nadja.
i have to confess that i’ve never been a sucker for live albums, it’s pretty rare when i find them really interesting or better than the original studio versions. but of course, there are a few exceptions and Aidan Baker is one of them. his live performances are always surprising, not to say amazing. and his previous live albums are perfect exemples of what he is capable of when he’s on stage. you already know the songs but it’s always a bit different, there are variations, extensions, improvisations. Aidan dig in his own material to find a new vision. and you won’t be disappointed here ! last but not least, the sound quality is stunning.”

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