miércoles, 3 de febrero de 2010

Lexithimie - no matter how many times, repeat

Lexithimie - no matter how many times, repeat

Genre : Electronic , Ambient
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01. Scale1
02 . Scale2
03. Scale3
04 . Scale4


Spread over a perfectly judged twenty-two minutes, this three-inch offering from Lexithimie is a pocket-size refuge of warm, harmonious drones. Divided into four immersive parts the disc doesn't necessarily reinvent the ambient genre, but it embraces melody with an elegant immediacy that's not easy to come by. From the very beginning London-based French expat Alexis Béchu drapes his languid tones with a sense of the uncanny, always suggesting something's about to happen, or that at any given time he's concealing something from the listener. After an opener that's full of stillness and potential energy, the second part introduces itself with a bassline progression that imposes some sense of rhythmic order on the piece. From here delayed pulses contribute to an internal sense of motion that offsets the otherwise static temperament that colours much of the disc. Emerging from the muffled low-end passages a third piece offers a needling, steely brightness, signalling the most clear-cut major-key moment before the final track draws us back into a slightly colder, more metallic soundworld that oozes minimalist ambiguity. This is Béchu's third release to date, and it certainly whets the appetite for longer, fully developed album works.

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