martes, 25 de enero de 2011

Shaula - Non_rem_sleeps

Shaula - Non_rem_sleeps
Genre : Electronic, Ambient

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1 Origin Of Mirage 7:35
2 Parachute 3:15
3 Macula 8:48
4 Ghost Type 5:02
5 Lepido 10:01
6 Opaque 5:00
7 You Sleep Like Lyric Poetry 6:19
8 Rem 4:02


Somehow welcomes shaula to our site with a full length album. Non_rem_sleeps is a hidden treasure of an album and has a different story with every track. From the outset shaula plays with guitars & sounds that eclipse what the listener is hearing. Ghost type strolls, pressing the listening experience, but always reminding you of someplace, sometime…..

Favourite track for us is Lepido, simply stunning. A fine and surreal guitar track layered over beautiful drones that give a sense of today, tomorrow, even yesterday.

We hope that shaula will return with us for another album soon. But for the moment, keep this safe with you at all times….

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