lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

Fabio orsi ::: Stand Before Me, Oh My Soul

Fabio orsi ::: Stand Before Me, Oh My Soul
Genre : Electronic, Ambient, IDM

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01 All The Trees Of The Field Will C
02 The Dress Looks Nice On You
03 In The Devil's Territory
04 To Be Alone With You
05 Abraham
06 Sister
07 Size Too Small
08 We Won't Need Legs To Stand
09 A Good Man Is Hard To Find
10 He Woke Me Up Again
11 Seven Swans
12 The Transfiguration


Preservation's latest captures Italian experimentalist, Fabio Orsi in hungry, visceral form. Joined by Rich Baker's original drum loops, Fabio plays guitar, keyboards, voice and effects on eight relatively short, one might even say poppy, rock postures within an immersive ambient sound sphere. Considering that he's best known for lushly textured drone and ambient works 'Stand Before Me, Oh My Soul' is a hugely confident sideways shift into a new realm of more aggressive sonics with a defiantly rocking dynamic. However, he has retained a tangible link with his quieter self through the use of repetitious drum looping and structured arrangements which unfold more like a drone composition than your average rock track. This all results in a sound approaching Seefeel-esque shoegaze in the towering, expansive opener 'Naked Trance', the doomy jazz scapes of Bohren And Der Club Of Gore on 'Folks! My Soul Stands Up Before You!' and narrow-eyed Krautrock on 'Papa, Show Me Your Blues LPs'. In 'Full Metal Flat' in foregrounds tense, ascending synths over crashing, noisy drums for a take on Post Rock while 'My Awesome Drugs Propaganda' is punkier, more visceral, and we return to blissed ambient noise on 'Please Could You Hide That Ghost Noise' and it's proggier counterpart 'Ghost Track', closing to the breathtaking, autofluorescent ambience of 'Soon, I'll Be At Home'. Gorgeous.

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