miércoles, 26 de enero de 2011

Duckbay - VA

Duckbay - VA
Genre : Electronic, Ambient

01 Tanaka Munechika - Tuner
02 Aquarelle - At The Seams
03 Ian Hawgood - Heather Withdrawn
04 Pawn - Morning Mist
05 Simon James French - Esther
06 Con_Cetta - Defectivus
07 Segue - 25
08 Sublamp - Owldrive (For Ann)
09 Peregrino - Cecilia
10 Hakobune - Unnoticed Envelope
11 Opitope - Our Music
12 Mimosa_Moize - Frosted Window
13 Jasper Leyland - The High Boundary
14 Tanner Menard - Only You Can Know


Duckbay is an internet based record label that releases one compilation of minimal, ambient and experimental music each year. as a label that releases only compilations, I hope to set duckbay apart from other record labels by fulfilling a niche. These albums will include music from artists all around the world, selected from an ever expanding network of friends and artists who each have their own unique sound and expression. The real difference compared to other compilations, I think, is the personal touch in with each release as all the artists are selected by one person (Jordan Sauer), which means the final product will have a cohesive sound and vision (which only materializes at the very end!).

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