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Parallel Lines - 38:22

Parallel Lines - 38:22
Genre : Ambient, Experimental, Electronic

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1. Part I 9:00
2. Part II 4:31
3. Part III 7:46
4. Part IV 8:33
5. Part V 8:23


Eric Quach (destroyalldreamers, thisquietarmy) from Montreal QC, Ryan Ferguson (Electroluminescent, Sianspheric) from Hamilton ON, Pascal Asselin (Millimetrik, Le Chat Blanc Orchestra, Below The Sea) from Quebec City QC have often crossed paths during their musical careers with their various projects --- the first time in 2005. Since then, they've become close friends and have played together all over Quebec, Ontario & even in Europe.

It was only a matter of time before a collaboration was to happen. And so it did, on July 26th, 2009 - live at Sam Murdock's house in Quebec City where he runs the P572 label and occasionally host house shows. This project, dubbed Parallel Lines, in reference to their numerous musical endeavours, is the result of this musical collaboration between 3 great friends.

Split over 5 parts; or "movements", this live collaboration between 3 artists at the forefront of underground experimental music in Canada is quite an epic. Sprawling layers of guitars and synths create a huge wall of psyched out shoegaze over the top of rhythmic and hypnotic drumming. What you'll hear is something you would not hear from any of the artists individually; it's something new and exciting. The term "krautgaze" has been used and it's a pretty accurate description.

Limited to 200 hand stamped and hand numbered copies in standard windowed sleeve tied with string.

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