lunes, 26 de julio de 2010

Bitcrush - From Arcs To Embers

Bitcrush - From Arcs To Embers

Genre : Ambient, Experimental, Electronic
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1. Bitcrush - Post (Nichts ist wie vorher, Bersarin Quartett RMX)
2. Bitcrush - Untilted (Worm Is Green Remix)
3. Bitcrush - Every Sunday (Winterlight Remix)
4. Bitcrush - Bitcrush In Dub (By Stripmall Architecture)
5. Bitcrush - Colder (Funckarma Rmx)
6. Bitcrush - Waiting For Something (Jatun Remix)
7. Bitcrush - An Island A Penninsula (Mix By Vanessa Van Basten)
8. Bitcrush - The Days We Spent Within (Near The Parenthesis Remix)
9. Bitcrush - Of Embers (Port-Royal Remix)
10. Bitcrush - Of Days (Widescreen mix by SubtractiveLAD)


This latest release from Mike Cadoo's Bitcrush project is a specially curated remix album comprised of re-workings of songs taken from all 5 of his albums as Bitcrush. Bersarin Quartett, Funckarma, Jatun, Near The Parenthesis, port-royal, Stripmall Architecture (Halou), SubtractiveLAD, Vanessa Van Basten, Winterlight, and Worm Is Green all re-imagine songs from the Bitcrush catalog. From Arcs to Embers is a remarkably fresh re-envisioning of the Bitcrush sound making it great for fans of his or any of the remixers' work.

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