domingo, 25 de julio de 2010

Bvdub - The Art Of Dying Alone

Bvdub - The Art Of Dying Alone
Genre : Ambient, Electronic
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1 Descent To The End 8:08
2 Nothing From No One 8:48
3 To Finally Forget It All 21:20
4 No More Reasons Not To Fall 11:19
5 No One Will Ever Find You Here 9:18
6 The Art Of Dying Alone 19:13

Download to kill my happy mood. Dying alone - now theres a thought. Better move onto the music. Bvdub has been part of the Pop Ambient series and the words Gas and dub techno are mentioned in the press thingymajig so I'm quite excited about this. It certainly lives up to the billing with superb drifty atmospherics, plucked acoustic guitar hidden somewhere under it all. Tracks seem to start with traditional sounding instruments plucked in a gently folky style before reverberating away into ethereal and ambient soundscapes. At its best such on the stunning 'To Finally Forget it all' the effect is akin to being carried along on some kind of cloud/cotton wool type material, the music resembling a softer Gas, dub techno rhythms just audible beneath the ambient gorgeousness. Really beautiful stuff & highly recommended.

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