lunes, 5 de abril de 2010

Stray Ghost – Nothing, But Death

Stray Ghost – Nothing, But Death
Genre : Ambient, Electronic


01 – Part 1
02 – Part 2
03 – Part 3
04 – Part 4
05 – Part 5
06 – Part 6
07 – Part 7
08 – Part 8


Nothing, But Death is the epic full-length follow-up to Stray Ghost’s widely acclaimed 2008 album Losthilde. On his immersive new release, Anthony Saggers mines the rich depths of melancholy and longing, crafting a slow, sad drift of distant melodies, cloaked in smoky ambience. The album signals further development in Saggers’ masterful handling of drone, minimalism, shoegaze, ambient and electro-acoustic music, leading the listener through highly emotive soundscapes, rich in cinematic sound design. This is essential music of almost unbearable poignancy and colossal scope that rewards deep listening.

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