lunes, 26 de abril de 2010

Jаtun :: Вlаnkеt оf Аsh

Jаtun :: Вlаnkеt оf Аsh
Genre : Shoegaze, Electronica


01. Blanket of Ash
02. Electricity
03. Try Me, Mental-A
04. Overhead The Air Waves
Side B
05. The King of Nostalgia
06. Circuit Eater
07. The Thin
08. Space Be Gone (Free Digital Bonus)


Influenced by an expansive range of artists, genres and styles, Alan and Scott have learned to interpret and appreciate sound from a broad perspective. Such open ears have facilitated an understanding of sonic interplay, and acute attention to arrangement and detail. Armed to the teeth with an arsenal of quality, vintage gear and a penchant for capturing the resultant noises, they craft music thoroughly and thoughtfully. Lush, enveloping and hyper-textured, Jatun’s songs blanket themselves around your ears and saturate your head with warm and intoxicating, Orange-tinged tones.

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